Game Changer & Phelps AMP Killer Combo

Game Changer & Phelps AMP Killer Combo

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Keep those bulls from hanging up with the KILLER COMBO of the GAME CHANGER call tube and the favorite PHELPS DIAPHRAGM of ElkBros Coach, Joe Giglia.  

The AMP gray elk diaphragm is a great all around call with excellent volume. A single reed that produces medium to mature cow sounds, along with producing medium to large bull sounds.

The GAME CHANGER with it's patented internal “double baffle” system is designed to be used with ANY internal mouth reed or diaphragm helping you to control/regulate back pressure to either amplify or soften the elk sounds you are creating.

Use it one way for full sound. Or the other way to fool those hung up bulls into thinking you are farther away than you are.

: The GC requires the use of an internal mouth reed/diaphragm.

Bull ELK: bugle, chuckle, chirp, lip balm, locate bugle, & more... Cow calls: cow mews, calf mews, estrus sounds & more...

GC tip for Solo hunters (or group hunters):

*Blow into the wider end of the GC to muffle the sound, *You will sound like you’re a few hundred yards away!!

Hang the GC on neck (lanyard included), slide into bino pouch, pant/shirt/coat pocket, backpack side pocket, or tie to shoulder straps. Great for the beginner and experienced caller!

Why not try your turkey or coyote reed with the GC? Experience just how versatile the GC is and ”see the difference!”

The Game Changer is 4″ inches tall and 1.5″ wide.